Registration for the Artistic Intervention of the

School of Unlived Worlds

Dutch artists Emke Idema, Marie Groothof and Floor Cremers have developed a method of experimental ecology, embodied philosophy and playful exchange that trains you to shift paradigms and uncover blind spots and gaps in the narratives we live in. It offers a fresh, vibrant experience of our natural environment and opens doors to new ideas about nature, ourselves, and the relationships between and with each other.

By participating in one of the School of Unlived Worlds‘ Artistic Interventions, you will have the opportunity to spend an afternoon exploring the forest and your relationship to nature in an unconventional, playful way. The interventions challenge our habitual ways of thinking, attuning us to other ways of understanding and relating to our habitat. Find out how the School of Unlived Worlds works and spend an afternoon in the forest with the artists.


When: 2/8, 3/8, 1 pm to 5 pm respectively
Where: Meeting point at the elementary school Kalkleiten
Language: English

Important Notes: Please note that there will be a hike into the forest in partly also steep terrain, so medium condition and good shoes are important. We also strongly recommend a booster of the TBE vaccination.